Watching sunset daily until...

I have always loved watching the sun set. Actually, I even love sunrise but then I can't remember when was the last time I woke up so early in the morning ;)

Coming back to sunset... I was quite a studious student always. So most of my time before and during exams went studying for insane number of hours (don't take me for a nerd, I was very much involved in games, fun and extracurricular activities too). And I used to take many breaks while studying. The sunset time break however was the most relaxing and pleasant one. I would just stand by the balcony and watch the sky playfully changing colors as the sun ended its journey for the day on our side of the world. Those 10-15 minutes refreshed me a lot and helped me study better. Those were the days I would reach the terrace just in time to watch the sunrise ;) How I loved studying and having fun with other friends on the amazing terrace our building had!

 I got married little over an year ago and was in for a surprise when I first saw our room. It has an amazing sunset view and yes, mountain view as well!!! The balcony directly faces the west and I love the sun swaying northwards and southwards (uttarayana - dakshinayana) as seasons change.

But soon it will all change :( There's this 14-storey building coming up right in the way. It's b(ro)ad enough to cover the entire uttarayana - dakshinayana route the sun takes. Every month the building completes one level. Now I'm on the 7th floor and the construction has reached it's fifth level. Slowly and gradually, the sunset view will disappear. I can feel how construction (due to increasing population of course) is really coming between us and the nature, right?


  1. quite true !!! the 'development' is coming in between us and the nature...

  2. and Dhiman, the irony is that we need both development and nature!


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