Bhai ka idea!

There are probably two reasons you found this title interesting and thought about reading this post:
  1. Bhai naam ka dum
  2. An idea can change your life
Ab read karne hi lage ho toh I won't disappoint you. This post is all about BHAI KA IDEA but the Bhai is my brother Anup and his idea (not Abhishek's) for the THINK BIG contest organised by WagonR.

Boley toh his idea addresses our smallest searches that even Google search has no clue about... yes, you read it right!

It's about your search for those most important people in your life whose presence doesn't affect you until they disappear / are required to fix up something.

  • Househelp quitting
  • Bathroom tap over-functioning
  • Short circuit (nah, not Arshad Warsi's kid)
You got the idea, right? Do read more about it here and if you think (listen to your heart here) he has thought about solving your smallest worries, do share it on Facebook and vote for him.

Soch lo, bhai ka idea hai ;)

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