Second honeymoon @ Himachal Pradesh

The purpose of the trip: Second Honeymoon
The purpose of this contest participation: Well... Third Honeymoon ;)
The honeymooners: Mrinal and Anuradha
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We tied the knot on 10th November 2008. And our first best miya-biwi-dono-raazi decision post marriage was the honeymoon destination - Ooty! So much so that we decided that however busy life gets, we'll ensure that we plan a honeymoon every year. This way, we'll get to explore all of India as well as the world. And feel as newlyweds always ;)
Jaisa desh, waisa bhesh

So we planned a November-October cycle and kept the destinations unplanned. Too much planning makes life too boring, right?

In the month of June last year, we thought of going to Shimla-Manali. Mrinal had never visited any snow-clad mountains and I had never been to such places with him. So we both were pretty excited.

Adventure @ Kufri
In Shimla, we visited Kufri... the road trip defined what beauty is all about. The Himalayan Panorama view from was simply awesome!

We held a snake around our neck... what an experience! It was so ticklish I couldn't stop laughing while onlookers wondered why we aren't scared of the snake a bit. We were never this close to wildlife!

The next day we headed to Manali and visited Hanogi Mata Temple on our way.

Manali has much more to see than what we visualize the place to be like. Take for example Hadimba temple... it's very different from the temples we had visited until then. With the legend carefully drafted at the entrance of the temple, it kinda took us to some other time.

Hadimba Devi temple
Vashisht Bath, Hot Water Springs, Van Vihar, Tibbetan Monastery... Manali was much much more than what we could have expected. But the biggest surprise had to come the next morning (read very early morning)!

When our driver told us that we'll have to leave for Rohtang Pass at sharp 4 am... you can guess what we felt. But we cannot be more thankful to him. Had we not followed his strict instructions, we would have been stuck in never-ending traffic for hours.

Rohtang Pass
But as soon as we reached Rohtang, it started drizzling. At an altitude of 13,051 ft with all the breeze and rain, we could barely stay out of the car for around 15 minutes. But those 15 minutes were truly blissful! Yes we were on snow... together and freezing! And it was a rather weird situation - the beauty of the place insisted we stay back, the temperature tried to push us away!

Well, we returned to Manali by lunch time. It was raining and the weather was too cold for us. But then, we don't get to visit such lovely places often, right?

So we spent the day roaming around under an umbrella while the cold breeze and showers ensured we get closer to each other. As if nature knew it was our second honeymoon!

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  1. My sis talks about this place so much. I never happen to visit the place though. As I have seen my sister's snaps I was able to reconnect. Congrats on your second honeymoon ;)

  2. hey thanks Pinky... u must visit the place... it's very beautiful!

  3. Hey, so cute!
    Shimla is among my fav places and though Manali is yet unexplored, I am reserving it for my honeymoon. :D
    All the very best!

  4. Never been to these places, looks totally heavenly to me... Great post, wonderful pics!!

  5. I loved the sweet confession on telling the Purpose of writing this post---3rd Honeymoon! :) Wish you very best....

    And, yess a beautiful post indeed....

  6. hey guys, thanks so much :) it's indeed a beautiful place

  7. Wonderful Place of Himachal Pradesh and i just tour planning with family .great idea of the honeymoon. good location.

  8. deadly snake,
    very well said.
    seeing the snake I rem. in nainital my son had got himself garlanded by snake amd picturized, 1st honeymoon couple (sardar ji)was seeing this. Sardarni says you also put the snake in your neck. sardaar ji denied.
    sardaarni mocked him. he sayes "I am not afraid, Ek Naagin To gale me pahen hi li hai."
    Please state Why you have adorned this snake.

  9. thanks guys
    @pramod - that was very funny! me n my husband just tried if for the sake of adventure... aisa mauka baar baar nahin milta na

  10. beautiful! how cool!
    hey anuradha, thanks for voting for my post, but i think you voted for the wrong one. I made two submissions, the first one I wanted to withdraw but couldn't. I would be very grateful if you could vote for my other submission, also under the title of Tat Twam Asi, with the permalink:

  11. adventurous! The snake is scaaarryyyy!!! :)

  12. Thanks sumi. Oh the snakes r very ticklish

  13. Hey Annu, Nice post.
    I would like to know about OOty days. Though had been there with friends but with wife it shall be first. So woould like to request u to write a post on ooty trip.

  14. thanks rajiv, will write a post soon then. meanwhile you can check my hotel review when i stayed at ooty -


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