Mumbai is chilling

With Mumbai's mercury dropping to almost 8 degrees Celcius, there are a lot many things I discovered. I'm sure most of you must have also noticed something similar.
  1. I hardly have 2 full sleeves shirts. How would it ever occur to me (staying in Mumbai) that I must ensure that all my tops are not sleeveless?
  2. I don't have a single monkey cap. When I went to Delhi in January, they were available everywhere. I checked out a few and chucked the idea of purchasing wondering, "I might never use these in Mumbai".
  3. Socks. They are very very important. It's true that you realise the significance of something only when you need it desperately.
  4. Quilts and blankets are not meant to be kept in a forgotton place in an isolated storeroom. They are your guardian angels when temperature in Mumbai plays a spoilsport.
  5. It's not always pleasant to get into an almost empty train compartment where the only thing brushing against you is cold winter breeze. Also, it's not always cool to stand at the door for some cool breeze.
  6. Wake up! Whether you sleep at 9 in the night or post midnight, it's impossible to get out of your bed before it's too late to leave for work. Something called 'snooze' in your alarm isn't as good for you as it should be.

And now, my fingers are too numb to type... oops I don't have handgloves as well!

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  1. I am going to be in delhi in 3 days and I know that my halat is going to be very kharab.

    The only thing I am also thinking is what I will do with all the sweaters, shawls, monkey caps, mufflers and gloves I buy there, once I am back.


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