They say

"They say" is such a common term that touches us at many points in time. So here I start my series on "They say". I'll keep adding to it as and when the term hits me.

THEY SAY - 27 Feb 2008
They say that after every bad phase a good phase appears. I agree. But just like in advertisements, there are some terms and conditions to this.
MY PESSIMIST MIND SAYS: It actually goes like this - after every big (where big is a duration in some light years) bad phase a tiny-miny microscopic good phase appears (or it does not?).
MY OPTIMISTIC MIND SAYS: C'mon, didn't you notice the thousands of good phases (like you sneezed and had a tissue paper handy) that appear during your bad phase? And then, there's always the actual good phase that follows!

This again brings me to the thought, "Should there be two of me?"

1 comment:

  1. Hi,
    Just came across your blog.
    Mast hai yaar, I enjoyed it and kabhi to soch raha tha, sach me aisa hota hai!
    I have been thinking of writting blogs for a long time but didnt started, socha identity disclose hogi to professional life me fark padega.
    But its cool, tumhare blogs padh kar jara inspiration mili hai to go ahead and have a blog.
    Keep blogging, life is to wonderful to give you a new topic to post every moment.
    Take care.


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