When I was home alone...

I was home alone when she walked in. As I continued with my work in another room, I could hear the sound of kitchen cabinet doors being opened and closed umpteen times... pretty unusual. I decided to concentrate on my work, but how could I? I could hear someone moving the furniture in the living room. It had been almost an hour since she came in and there was yet no sight of her in my room. She never takes that long. 
I eventually walked out of the room and couldn’t believe my eyes. My house-help was caught unawares when I entered the living room. 

She was carefully scrubbing the floor, every nook and corner of the room with detergent and all. She remembered I had requested her to do so a couple of weeks ago after we shifted to this new place. She had complained of knee pain at that time so I had asked her to do the major cleaning whenever she felt better. Today, she surprised me pleasantly... made my day :)
Now I believe - Good house-helps do exist!

Why didn’t I mention her name yet? Well, I’d prefer to be selfish here and won’t give away the details of my God-sent angel!


  1. Can totally relate 2 u.. I've changed umpteen number of maids n gettin a maid 4 a bachelor boy is real difficult.. so I'm kinda used 2 maids who do shoddy jobs.. recently, my new maid overwhelmed me by cleanin the balcony(which no othr maid ever did) after she cleaned the whole house, without bein asked ..totally bowled me over :)

    Think its the extra unexpected gesture tht delights people :)

    Nice read, Anuradha :)

  2. It reflects her great honesty!!

    Maybe it's her little way of saying thank you to you.

  3. Yes, good house maids exist and they often make our life simple and smooth too..! I appreciate that you took time out to scribble about your house maid, while most of the ppl ignore even the heavy work they do for them..:)

  4. Thanks @Nishana... Except for the last couple of years, I have been blessed with good househelps that stayed for years together. Sometimes there's this sweet bond that makes your day :)

    @Vyankatesh... ya sure it is... she ofteh gives me tips that are very helpful.

    @Raj... i can understand your problem... with bachelors, it sure gets tough. stay sweet to her, appreciate her work and see the magic!

  5. nice post...yes they are hard to find...but do exist...


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