Time Machine: Before and After Facebook

Like, Comment and Share have become our most commonly used words. Yeah, the advent of Facebook has changed so many things, some for good, some for worse. One good thing is that we all got in touch with our long lost friends and relatives. But most of Facebookers have a rather exciting virtual life than a real one. Well, I am guilty too, so who am I to preach here! : )

Anyway, I kinda hopped on a virtual Time Machine to have a bird's eye view on life before and after Facebook. Then I weaved a little story based on my imaginary journey. Here's an excerpt:

Before Facebook

Phone rings.

Payal: Hi Geeta

Geeta: Hi wassup!

Payal: Hey what are you doing tomorrow? Would you like to stay over at my place? I will make your favourite pav bhaji and we can watch the season 10 of Friends together... Parents are out of town.... 

Read the entire post published on Half Baked Voices and do share how things have changed for you after Facebook came into your life.

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