Blog Review: UmaS Reflections

I love Christmas a lot. And I love the Secret Santa bit we used to have at work. But now, that I do not work full time, I have been really missing it. But Indiblogeshwaris have come to my rescue! Job pe nahi toh kya hua, blog pe Secret Elf khelengey!!!

So #ThatTuesdayThingy of this week is becoming a Secret Blog Elf and reviewing a blog. I got a wonderful opportunity to review UmaS Reflections
It's a personal blog of a stay-at-home mom, very interesting as once you read a post, you go on and on exploring what she has to say in the other posts. I wondered how long has been writing for and checked out the Archives section. The list is long and it made me realise I have missed on reading many good posts! Her first post was on February 2008 and there are as many as... hold your breath... 432 posts! Yeah, you read it right. Trust me, I copy pasted the bullet list and got them numbered. Awesome, isn't it

I know, right now you are about to visit your blog and see how many posts you have completed till date, but hold on and please complete reading this review first. You are about to discover more about a wonderful person and a brilliant blog.

So Uma writes about her opinions, raising kids, relationships, dealing with loss, ads, book reviews and music. I loved that she too loves my all-time favourite singer Mohd. Rafi's voice. So the next time you share any of his songs, you know who to tag!

She has also participated and completed in several blogging memes like CBC VIBGYOR BLOG TAG, Thursday Challenge and WW. That's really inspiring for a person like me who has two incomplete challenges... oops.

Uma has a lovely food blog too with some must-try recipes. She has linked it on the tabs for easy reference. That's a good thing to do so that people who aren't aware about it can really discover something useful. 

And the multi-talented blogger paints as well! Check out her lovely creations here.

Uma's post you must check out:
Culmination of VIBGYOR becomes WHITE - A post on the state of transgenders in a society that claims to be 'developing' 

There is a lot we can learn from her blog. Like she does post regularly and if even if she is away for a couple of months, she comes back and continues the momentum. So do subscribe to her posts and I am sure you will love reading her. You can follow her blog on Networked Blogs here.

Merry Christmas and Happy Blogging!!!


  1. Oh my God !!! This is absolutely sweet and am crazily happy :D
    Thank you so much Anu...this is the best thing that happened today !!
    Hugs for being my secret blog elf :)

    1. I am glad I could bring you a smile! I really enjoyed reading your blog. Wish you a happy New Year too!

  2. 432 posts is a huge number and out of that the post you pointed out is really awesome...good review ELF :)

  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    1. Hey SG, wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year too!

  4. What a gem of a blog you got to review Anu! 432 posts! Wow!

    Your review is so thorough! Good going elf! Merry Christmas!

  5. Nice review Anu. Sure Uma's blog is as sweet as she is.

  6. I could feel the excitement in your post. Nice review. Wish you a joyous 2014. It was fun being an elf.


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