The banana leaf plate

I am a complete foodie, vegetarian though, but I love to try out different varieties of food. I believe, the magic that delicious food creates has a lot to do with the way it is prepared, presented, served and eaten.

Have you ever attended a South Indian wedding? I happened to attend a few. The recent one was of a friend in Chennai. The seating arrangement was in long rows with enough space between the consecutive rows for people to move easily. The traditional meal was served on banana leaves. It is such a wonderful, eco-friendly experience.

There is a method to eating food on a banana leaf. Firstly, clean and washed leaves are placed like plates in front of each guest. We are supposed to sprinkle some water before the food is served. And then, the awesomeness begins. People holding buckets of various delicacies keep serving stuff from their bucket onto every plate with a smile and a lovely attitude. One after the other, they keep coming with such delicious wedding food items. And if they know that you are new to the place and that probably you have not tried some of the local food items, they politely insist that you have extra servings.

That's food served with love! It's what makes the food even more delicious, an experience you will treasure forever. And when you are done, simply fold the leaf and it will be disposed in an eco-friendly manner.

Have you tried having food on a banana leaf?

I am participating in The Write Tribe Festival of Words 8th – 14th December 2013 and have written this post for the Day 2 of the challenge..

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  1. Food on a banana leaf is awesome, albeit a bit cumbersome at times...:)

  2. Food on Banana leaf is common in Kerala too, especially during Onam. Along with the rice, there will be 10 to 15 different side dishes to go with it. A different experience, indeed !

  3. You have made me nostalgic! I love eating food on a banana leaf!


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