The door that never closed

It was a dark Friday night. Pyrus wasn't used to staying alone at home. But his wife had to be away from town for the weekend to visit her parents. So he had planned some drinks and dinner with his good old friends at the KC restaurant they used to frequent when they worked together.

It all went fine. Time flew as they chatted away the nostalgic moments. And by the time it was 11 pm, they had to part unwillingly as each of them started getting a 'When are you reaching home' call. Oh how they missed their bachelor life when they had no one to 'report' to!
He reached home almost at midnight in a tipsy state, opened the fridge door, drew a blank and went to his bedroom to hit the bed. He would have fallen asleep instantly but something felt weird. He paid attention and noticed some light coming from the kitchen. He was so particular about saving electricity that even in that state he walked to the kitchen wondering if he closed the fridge door properly. He was confused when he noticed that the door was open. He remembered he did close it. Perhaps it was the alcohol. Nevertheless, he did the needful and hit the bed again.

This time he fell asleep instantly only to wake up with a strange feeling of heat - the kind you feel on a super hot summer day in Delhi. But it was a pleasant December in Mumbai. His room was very bright. He looked at the tubelight, it was not lit. It was dark outside the windows. But his room and the passage leading to the kitchen were so bright he could not see a thing. 

He rubbed his eyes several times. Was he dreaming? Not at all, he was perspiring like hell! He walked towards the kitchen and it got hotter as he approached it. Was there a fire? No, there wasn't! He reached the kitchen and was in disbelief. The fridge door was open and it was super hot near the fridge. But beyond the fridge, it was dark. The light was coming from the fridge. He tried to close the door of fridge. It was so heavy, he couldn't move it even a bit. Sweat was dripping from his hands and with every drop reaching the floor, the brightness reduced. Within no time, sweat started dripping at a greater speed and the floor was covered with it. It kind of extinguished the heat and the light. And with sweat, the effect of alcohol disappeared. The handle of the door, which he was holding, was still hot. So he wasn't halluciniating for sure. Pyrus now managed to close the door and rushed to his room. It was dark again and he was a bit relieved. 

Pyrus decided to try to get some sleep somehow. He went to the bathroom and looked into the mirror. He pinched himself too. He wasn't dreaming. He hit his bed again and within no time the light and heat reappeared. This time, he decided to stay beneath the covers and just ignore eveything else. After all, there was nothing he could do. As he held the quilt tighter, it felt like a door handle. He opened his eyes. The door of the fridge was next to him and he was holding it! 

He was frozen with fear. The door was talking. "You love to open me for no reason, right? Every few minutes, you have to come to me, check out the fridge and close me with a bang without even taking anything! Do you have any idea what that heat of your world and your indifferent behaviour does to me? It's time for me to en'light'en you. Now I will give you all the opportunity in the world to close me again and again and again. 'Hand'le me now!"


  1. Super. Almost until the end, I was thinking you are writing the synopsis for Paranormal Activity Part 5.


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