And here's for my dear friends like SG who are unable to view the jpeg [psst... tried hard increasing the size of the jpeg but the larger pic size just blows out of proportion; retained the jpeg coz i tried hard to make one ;)]

You finally decide to tell your boss you would not work until late anymore. Before you could, your outlook has a new mail – An instruction to put in a couple of extra hours and Saturdays for an important pitch this month!

You buy brand new fiction books for the first time, that too without any discount. You misplace them somewhere you’d never know!

You buy an IPod touch and wish it had a camera too. This once, the God fulfils your wish… only it is too late for you!

You snatch the camera from your boyfriend saying that he will drop it. You drop and break the camera in the process!

After waiting for months in vain for an increment, you finally put in your papers. They announce a hike soon after your last working day!

Your parents have been advising you to open a Fixed Deposit account for years. You finally do it one day. Of course, the interest rates increase the next month!
After much delay, you get hospitalized on your trusted surgeon’s strong advice and assurance that he’ll help you recover soon. The next day, he gets admitted in the ICU!


  1. The last one was funny!
    To add to your list...
    Everyone is chit-chatting in the class, the professor enters, everyone suddenly goes silent except YOU! And then what follows is a riot of laughter again except YOU! :)

  2. Why does it happens to me? Zoomed your post to 300%. Still unable to read. Am I losing my eyesight?

  3. thanks niket! the professor one, i think it happens to most of us.

    @SG, i have pasted the text format now

  4. Nice post. I have this happened a lot of times. In the bank, there is a long line and a short line. I stand in the short line. The long line moves faster. In my short line, the guy ahead of me takes a loooonng time to finish his business.

  5. @SG - ya that queue thing happens to me all the time!


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