Helpless without househelp

What is happiness? Your househelp doesn’t turn up. You start feeling helpless and try to reschedule your day. You start washing the utensils and wonder how you’ll manage the rest of the work. The doorbell rings and the angel arrives!


  1. Awww. I envy the people who live in India (in this matter). Here, no matter how rich you are, you have to do to your own house chores.

    I remember an interview with Mrs. Donald Rumsfeld (Wife of Defense Minister under President Bush). She was asked what she admires in her husband. She replied: He is the best in arranging dishes in the dishwasher and he does that every night no matter how late he comes from work.

  2. Or you can appraise your househelp on their arrivals and departure and let them know you are tracking their behavior. Show them the reports. Ensure better behavior by downloading househelp on android phones from android marketplace

  3. Yes this has happened with me many times.


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