Rabale skywalk will have elevators

Skywalks are sprouting in the city for a while now. But how often do we use them? Or for that matter, how often do we see people using the skywalks? Today’s news about a skywalk being constructed at Rabale station might bring some relief; temporary or permanent that has to be seen.

The Rabale skywalk looks promising for one reason – elevators. NMMC is considering the convenience of senior citizens and physically challenged people. Whether the elevators will stay functional, whether they’d be able to meet the need of pedestrians who need to use it (apparently 5000 commuters use the Rabale station everyday) is however a different question. But the idea of having elevators is really very thoughtful. I am assuming that escalators (that can benefit a larger number of pedestrians) aren’t planned for budget constraints.

I urge citizens to start using the skywalks. After all, these are constructed for our convenience and safety. Moreover crores of rupees are spent on these. Though there are just two reasons (laziness and knee / joint pain) you won’t use them, there are several and more logical reasons why you must use the skywalk where it exists.
1.    Keeps you safe from the vehicles speeding to reach their destinations
2.    Helps prevent traffic congestion
3.    Helps reduce the sound pollution that follows honking and abuses shared between drivers / car owners and pedestrians
4.    Helps you burn calories – Most of us are already in rush in the morning. Imagine the benefits of climbing up and down the stairs when we are already walking at a higher speed!
5.    You can enjoy the city view as well
So welcome the Rabale skywalk with a smile and resolve to use it (and the others in town) for your good.


  1. Nice one. I hope everyone uses this skywalk.

  2. Thanks SG. And abt the Commonwealth Games lyrics, I'd translate them soon

  3. Thanks. One more thing. Skywalks contribute towards clean environment also. I read it somewhere.


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