Take your health seriously. ACT NOW!

I learnt it the hard way but you need not. Ignoring symptoms like aches, fever, stomach problems etc. etc. can sometimes take a horrible toll on you. Especially if you have regular but 'bearable' episodes of such things. Remember, there's no harm in consulting a doctor (allopathy, homeopathy, ayurveda... whatever you believe in). But being 'busy' or 'lazy' and postponing the doctor's appointment for a long period can really make your condition difficult. The more delay in visiting a doc, the greater time it takes to heal.

Does it appear I'm exaggerating? Not at all. 

Not always, but at times the condition reaches an incurable phase. And trust me there are medical conditions you or people around you haven't heard of. Some, like Spondyloarthropathy, affect your daily life and job. When you start facing immense difficulty in the smallest of activities like waking up, lifting your handbag, working on the computer, standing for a while, walking for a while, managing the tiniest household chores... sooner or later you are considered to be a 'lazy' person. Working full time gets really impossible. Feeling of dependency and helplessness seeps in and you spend more time trying to work things out and convincing people that you are really suffering. Irritability is obvious. Why on earth do you even need to assure people that you really are in pain??? Why on earth must the effect of your condition on people's perception about you be more important than its effect on you? But it can happen, sooner or later. Unless of course you are super duper lucky (I hope you are).

Anyway, there's one way out though. Don't be too lazy or too busy to visit a doctor when you face some problem in your system (when you face issues in your computer system, how quickly you meet the hardware guy!). Boring as it may seem, but it would help you in the long run. And as all the wise people say, exercising does you a lot good.

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  1. Absolutely, I can't agree more! Health is everything and there is no scope for ignorance however small the problem may look like. Even if a person is healthy, it is good to go for a health check once in a year!

  2. that's right, health check once in a year is very important

  3. Nice one. Health is very very important and should not ignore small discomfort. One more I would like to add. If you lose weight (without doing any excercise or dieting) it is a danger signal. Go to the doctor immediately.

  4. 23 years, and not a single health checkup once...oh ho! now will have to seriously start thinking about it!
    But I always find it easy to live the way am living coz I think going for a checkup would probably bring in unnecessary glitches to my routine and normal life.

  5. thanks SG (for the imp tip).
    hey niket, u r one lucky person :) touchwood


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