We hit an all time low as Rupee does so!

Rupee is becoming very very senior, citizen!
So we must know what might follow and get ready for the eventuality:
Much thinner Dairy Milks and 5 Stars,
Mc Aloo Tikki now becoming Aloo Wafer,
Only 3 wafers now in Lays packets,
Vada pav becoming pakoda pav,
Milk being available in 100 gm packs,
Rickshaws becoming as prestigious as Mercs,
Gradual Disappearance of Re 1 and Rs 2 coins,
Hiked travel cost,
Hiked education cost,
Hiked cost of groceries,
Hiked househelp salaries,
Deduction in our salaries,
Skipping of appraisals yet again!
Damn... when is the barter system returning??? It's about time!

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