Facebook making us Bruce Almighty | The ICU Syndrome

My blogger friend Varsha just posted:

"All those updating from bus stands....railway stations...airports...just what do you want us to do with this information??"

She seriously got me thinking! Some of the people on Facebook really make us Bruce Almighty

We know everything about at least 10 friends on our Facebook profile at any given moment:
  1. When they woke up
  2. What kind of morning beverage they had - tea, green tea, dark coffee, beer, water in copper vessel...
  3. When they left for work
  4. Which train they boarded
  5. When they reached office, where it is located, if they reached before or after their boss
  6. What they had for lunch
  7. Did they have a 4 pm snack, what exactly
  8. When they left from work
  9. Did they meet someone at a bar before heading home, which bar, what did they eat, what did they talk about
  10. When they reached home
  11. What they had for dinner
  12. When did they sleep
Why do we need to know all this? Please do not increase the traffic on our News Feed like this. It's an addiction of sorts for those who have got into this. And I believe if this ICU (Incurable Constant Updating) Syndrome does not find a solution soon, the world will soon see many Facebook Rehabilitation Centres (Oh let me patent this idea!).

Follow the link on this image to learn how to TURN OFF your location updates
This ICU Syndrome sure had made me realise one thing though (for those who believe in God): We may keep blaming God for the endless natural calamities and deaths, but just imagine that His News Feed has all our minutest activities non-stop in addition to our complaints. Oh how will he ever respond to anyone? And maybe that is why God gave Mark the idea of Facebook,
"You think I am sitting idle and not listening to you all? Alrighty, let me make everyone who Likes your big idea Bruce Almighty!"

But little did God know that with this, while He will burden us with constant location and other updates, He Himself will increase his workload drastically! Now He has many people like myself and Varsha remembering Him more often, "Oh God, why do people have to update Facebook with every damn thing!"

And to teach us yet another lesson, God might just make this addiction more severe with people updating things like:
  1. Good morning! Heading to the bathroom to answer Nature's Call. Catch you guys later.
  2. Ah... what a relief!!!
  3. Sitting on the right corner of the sofa at my home with a blue cushion I bought during this Sale enjoying toast with Masala chai!
  4. Damn, got late for work, was curious this morning... How I Met Your Mother. They must telecast it later during the day!
  5. Just showered. Oh this new shower gel is awesome, I might smell citrus today!
  6. Typed this sentnce on my new iPhone while strggling 2 get a place in a crowded local train. pls ignore spll errors.
  7. Oops, my junior is wearing the same shirt today...
Fine, I will stop now. But promise me that you will also stop updating the minutest details. I don't want to be Bruce Almighty and I am sure neither do you!


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