I have no idea!

I am generally not short of ideas, whether it is arts and crafts, cooking, blogging or creativity required in my advertising profession. Thankfully, most of my ideas have turned out to be good. 
The surprising thing is that when I am really upset about something or when I have a really tight deadline, the ideas I come up with are better than what I have when I am relaxed and at leisure. That is actually very helpful in the highly demanding and creative field like advertising.
But this once, when I decided to write a post on ideas, I am really clueless. Maybe since I started pretty late after missing the deadline for the 'I' day of the A-Z Challenge. A few back to back stressful events in my life within a span of 4 days might be affecting my thought process. 
Makes me think:  
  • Why is it possible to come up with ideas for everyone else but yourself?
  • Why setting a deadline and trying to meet it results in the best ideas, mostly at the last minute?
  • Why I am so clueless when I am thinking of an idea to write something on ideas?

I have no idea! So this time, I will end this right here to prevent myself from losing my blog readers. I guess there's a better idea - I will move on to 'J'!

PS If you thought I wasted your time with this post, you might want to read the title again; I had warned you much in advance!
This post is written by me for the A-Z Blogging Challenge where I will post every day (except Sundays) all through the month of April. Most importantly, I will blog thematically on topics from A to Z! So for April 1, I chose a topic starting with the letter A, for April 2 the letter B and so on. 

My A-Z Challenge Entries: A B C D E F G H I J K...

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