Eoin Colfer and the world of Artemis Fowl

The are two people who brought me back to reading books - my husband Mrinal and the author Eoin Colfer.

After college, I became a copywriter and in a span of 12 years, I worked on several brands across categories, across media. And as it is with advertising and online marketing, life got too busy to read books. Whenever there was any time, I would read about the latest advertising ways and media. And then I discovered blogging and tried my hand at it as well (thank God for that!). So, for me it was reading just a couple of non-work-related books in a year.

Around the time me and Mrinal were dating, I borrowed an Artemis Fowl book from him. He would always await the next book in the series and purchase it as soon as he could. He told me it's a science fiction thing and I was totally into science, fiction, love and day dreaming. So I took one book from him and there was no looking back. Like him, I too keenly awaited the next book in the series.

If you like sci-fi books and you haven't read Eoin (pronounced Owen) Colfer's Artemis Fowl, you seriously must grab a copy today. If you are not into sci-fi, I guess this book will add it to your reading interests.

The last book (8th book) in the series was released in July 2012 (the first book was published in 2010). You can check out the list of all his books here. Most of it is young fiction but he has written some books for the grown ups as well.

His latest book is WARP: The Reluctant Assassin, The trailer was released on 3rd April 2013. The book will be published on 11th April and is available for per-order now.

If you do read Eoin Colfer after reading this post, do let me know how you liked his books.

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  1. Sci-fi is not really my scene, but I think I can give this a shot. Nice tongue twister of a name for an author. Never knew this one before.

    1. This one's really cool, I am a fan! Check it out :)

  2. Never read any of his books. Will have a look.

    1. I guess you will like his books. There are more than just Artemis!

  3. Thank you for introducing someone new. I will definitely give this a try.

  4. Never read Sci Fi apart from an odd Chricton or Asimov. This sure seems interesting though :)

  5. Making a note to add it to 'the list'! Thanks for the recommendation :-)

  6. Not too much into Sci -Fi but am intrigued now !

  7. Haven't read this author but will check it out next time... Thanks for introducing a new series to us! :)

  8. I read only Time line and Clock work man
    May be I shud try this !

  9. I've seen this book in stores, but have always thought of it as some kind of science fiction-cum-fantasy fiction. Now I'd like to read this guy.

  10. Sci-fi really not my scene...but, the trailer has caught my attention. First time I have heard about him...hope to read him some day.

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  12. I've seen the book ... but now I'll get it and read it! Thanks for the intro, Anuradha!

  13. I've heard about Artemic Fowl but never picked it up! Maybe I will try it now!

  14. Sad to say that this is not my type of reading! :)

  15. Am not a big Sci-Fi fan but we learn new things everyday, so might give it a go. Thanks for this.


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