One market where I wish the prices must rise

I went shopping shares when the stock markets fell drastically. It was like a monsoon mega sale, all prices dropped like never before. Being a girl who gets attracted to discounts like a honeybee to a flower, I went on picking the best brands on offer. And now I stand waiting with my heavy shopping bags. The markets seem to be testing my patience. Carry on Nifty. You have no idea how long I can wait with my shopping bags (ask Mrinal). One day the share prices shall rise and I shall rejoice!

Psst... God, when will this sale end? The stock markets must have a board that informs us about the last date of the sale.


  1. Funny, difficult, strange, heaven, hell, rough, easy, sad, happy, beautiful, impossible, adventurous, meaningless, meaningful, confusing... everyday I look at life, everyday it seems different!

    Actually life doesnt seem different, actually EVERYDAY is different & it colors ur life differently. Right?

  2. Indeed it's actually different and that's exactly what makes it so interesting.


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