What if it rained petrol?

Alright, let’s assume that it won’t result in fires (it’s hypothetical in any case). So petrol prices will see an all-time low! More car sales will be obvious. And then we’d be able to afford bigger cars or funkier bikes. Ha ha… Nano… ta ta! Perhaps the markets will boom. And so will the subzi markets! The vegetable vendors won’t be able to increase prices by blaming it on expensive transportation. We all will be sheikhs! No Mrinal, not more than 1 wife for you! People might work for another better cause – petrol harvesting (why is it not possible in the real world?).

Considering that wherever possible, petrol would take water’s place, we might have some new products like petrol purifiers, petrol-proof watches, petrol-proof lipsticks and petrol-proof paints!

Bollywood! Yeah, here are some handy tips for the remix baadshahs:

  • Thanda thanda petrol…
  • Barso re petrol…
  • Petrol kaa bahaanaa hai, zaraa der lagegi…

But then, since the roads would be layered with petrol, most of us would be able to reach work skating, wearing our normal shoes! No more conveyance allowance. Hairstyles? Well, we all would look champu with the same sticky flat hairstyle but only with varied lengths! Brylcreem would have to come up with an innovative product here. Petrol pumps won’t be required that much, so perhaps we’d have shower pumps. Like, “Hello! Are you walking into your office all drenched up in petrol? Take a shower with our water-based body wash in our special shower room and look drier and smarter!”

Oh, the petrol price hike is turning me insane. Was I typing in my sleep? Damn, someone do something about the petrol prices. It’s driving all of us crazy. I’ll go get a glass of petrol now.

P.S. Beta and Mrinal reminded me of writing something on rains. Varsha reminds me of rains all through the year. I dedicate this post to them.


  1. Annu..and ur out of the box thoughts...good one...u hve shown the different side of petrol....shabji mandi thing was rocking babes....nyways...will still wait for more blogs from you...keep writing..take care.

  2. Hey Annu,

    I am totally IMPRESSED with u'r blog!!!

    Complete stress reliever....



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