Maiden over!

The season when men love watching other men running, hopping and jumping around is witnessing a pause by the end of the day. I prefer to call it a pause but not an end as even while we just watched the closing ceremony of IPL, I understand that soon there might be some other cricket series.

And while Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals play against each other today, here are a few terms I think are common to cricket and the female counterparts (we) of cricket fans (them, they... whatever):

Block: We are blocked from their sight as long as they are glued to the television or the scores on the internet

Bowled / Out: Our state - out of the field

Leg before wicket: Sure, even our legs before the wicket on the television won't distract them

Bye: An extra, sure the role we play during cricket matches ;)

Glance: Something we might not get even after screaming our throats out

Golden pair: Him and the television

Century: The time it appears to be during a match

Innings: Actually there are four innings, two during the match, then one is the game they play with us to avoid any time together and then the last inning is in out control - taking their case

Leg break: What we feel like doing

Limited overs match: I don't think it exists, all the matches seem to take forever

Partnership: Partnership? Partners? Where? Who?

Man of the match: I think it should be 'my man' in the match


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