Lost in the world of books

I never found myself immersed in reading so intensively. Mrinal got me addicted to the Artemis Fowl series. Eoin Colfer with his captivating style that makes you read rapidly has succeeded in increasing my reading speed. Recently, I finished the first book written by him and now I am busy with The Arctic Incident. Find Artemis Fowl book covers across the world.

And while I do so, I'm tuning my brain to understand Telugu with 'Learn Telugu in 30 days'. Though I know I might take 3 months. After all, I'm learning the script as well!

Reminds me of the good old summer vacation days. Hope my excitement stays and one day I write a blog in Telugu!


  1. Never heard of this author.

    Goodluck with the Telugu. I couldn't manage learning a language in 3 years.

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  4. Thanks Deepali! I think you'll love Eoin's writing. As for learning a language, I usually pick it up fast, but then over a period of time, I stop using the language and then I only keep hoping to revise the fundamentals!


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