Dabbawallahs to schoolbag wallahs

Kids carrying really heavy schoolbags these days, working men and women carrying laptops that add to the stress before and after work hours, housewives carrying loads of shopping bags.... the consistently increasing loads of weight on our backs and shoulders has created a demand thet we haven't yet identified! Now, just like the famous dabbawallahs, there's a need of what I would call - schoolbag wallahs, laptop porters and shopping bag wallahs.

Well, let's see when the city will rise to such unique employment opportunities. I wish I had the kind of finance to open up a business just like the call centres - bag carrier centre!

Any investors!


  1. I would be a little careful in having a laptop walla to carry my laptop....because soon he would turn into "run"walla...

    Nice blogs and very creative in your outlook towards life.

    Have a pleasant day minus the heat.


  2. Its a good idea but like all the other industries now, the manpower crunch may hit this industry also! You can never predict what would be in demand....

    Destination Infinity

  3. Thanks so much for the appreciation. Yeah that "run" wallah thing is cute and very possible ;)

    And seriously, we never know what could be in demand in the future. But for manpower, I suppose there'll always be opportunities and there'll be always many to grab them.


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