What's with the medical problems?

Many people in my close circle are undergoing treatment for various reasons. Cancer, TB, osteoporosis, injury due to fall. And then I am doing my own never ending rounds to the clinic. All this at the same time! Did someone predict that this year will be dedicated to doctors and medical bills? The funniest thing is that none of the ailments me or my dear ones are suffering from have to do much with prevention, hygience, basic health precautions, etc. Strange.

And if I try to be positive in this scenario, there's one good thing I can't deny. For obvious and nice reasons, people come closer and relations become stronger at such times. You tend to call up people and ask about their health and progress, and in the process you catch up after a long long time. You also realise who are the people you can't count on or who don't actually care. Perhaps, it's time to shed the hypocrites in your circle and build on more meaningful relationships. And it's time to thank the friends who care.

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