Ruler and beggar, roles keep swapping

Life takes you through various ups and downs. Sometimes you feel rich, sometimes poor, sometimes you feel on the top of the world, sometimes you feel frustrated like hell. But the fastest variation of this pattern that I face is when I need to travel within the Mumbai city every single day. Here's a day in my life as a beggar / ruler / beggar / ruler...

Morning around 9 a.m. - I am the beggar:
I set off for office. Finding an auto rickshaw is like finding an oasis.
70% rickshaw wallahs say a stern NO for going to station. But that's not disappointing, it's the way the make a face (like the typical Lalita Pawar character in Hindi movies looking down upon and insulting her poor daughter-in-law) that makes me feel miserable.

After a lot of as"king" the kings for a ride, trying in different styles - sternly, ordering, pleading, puppy face... finally one or the other auto rickshaw wallah agrees.

This happens 4 times a day, every day.

But sometimes, the roles reverse. How and when, that I shall tell you later. For now I need to go to sleep before praying and hoping that tomorrow the first auto rickshaw wallah I come across, follows my command.

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