Speeding towards the New Year

Finally got a 4-day holiday for the New Year celebrations. Now the gang for celebration is finalised, the duration for partying is confirmed and the New Year mood is set. And all the hotels and resorts in the world seem to be booked :(

Damn, why doesn't the world decide to stay at home this once, watching the festivities on the television or celebrating at the terrace while we get a booking on the outskirts of Mumbai!

Pray we get the hotel booking we are looking for!


  1. Goodluck.

    If I did pray, I would have prayed you guys got booking but well you have to contend with my wishing you luck.

  2. he he he :) got the booking! thanks for the wishes!

  3. Btw I also tagged you, check out my little wisdom - lots of rants blog.

  4. where??? arre i added u on gtalk, u not online?

  5. marvellous blogs... keep going

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