May there be no more Osamas in the world

I switched on the television and was rather surprised to see the news flashing across all the channels - Osama is dead!

Why surprised? Well, after all in the recent past, I didn't come across any news regarding Osama Bin Laden. So waking up in the morning to hear this was something really unexpected right now.

Coming back to the news, US forces traced and killed Al-Qaeda founder and leader Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan. He was killed 200 km from Islamabad in a place called Abbottabad.

US President Barack Obama said that it was a historic day for the world, that Justice has been done.

True, justice is done. But one should not get carried away by this achievement. The real achievement would be when no more terror attacks happen in the world.... when 'terror attack' becomes something like an extinct phrase. All it requires is two things:
  1. Human beings should be more humane.
  2. We all should stay alert and have some presence of mind so that the inhuman-beings don't give us any more grief.
Here's hoping that there's no more terrorism and the entire world becomes a beautiful place to be!

Now what about Kasab? Why is Kasab still surviving 26/11???

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1 comment:

  1. India needs stringent laws's about time. Punish Kasab already!! Enough is enough!


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