Why is Kasab still surviving 26/11???

I can never forget that fateful day two years ago on 26/11/2008. We returned from our honeymoon only to be shocked with the news on television. We couldn't believe our eyes and ears. Is it a nightmare? It can't be true. We were hooked onto the news channels and internet news sites for days together.

I can't explain the hatred I developed for Kasab and whoever the masterminds of the Mumbai attacks might be. For the first time in my life I wanted someone to suffer... someone to be brutally tortured. Little did I know that today, two years from then, I would still be wanting him to be punished. Kasab - why is he the one to survive the 26/11 attacks???  The person (no, he can't be a human) who walked peacefully after mercilessly killing many is still at peace!!! Why are we not setting an example by punishing him severely??? Why are we not sending a strong message to all the terrorists out in the world - DON'T MESS WITH OUR NATION OR ELSE...

We owe it to all the martyrs and all those great people who fought the 26/11 terrorists, don't we? But all we can do is wait for the system to take its course. Trials after trials after trials. The people who were killed for no fault of theirs had no trial for anything... they were killed in an instant, there families' lives changed in a day. And Kasab is still facing trials!!! Everyone saw what happened... yet???

I know there's no point saying all this... as whatever has to happen with those responsible will take its own 'procedural' course. But then all I can do with those in-humans is express my hatred, yet again!


  1. hey there, I am taking a different course here, just hear me out. Kasab and those unnamed 9 people where fed with the emotions and hatred about us/India or people in general and send here. Today you are boiling in same emotions, you want him punished. Some victims kin would want him dead, somewhere in the country, Kasabs relative will again generate hatred for the country and this circle will continue don't you think? What is the difference between us and him, if we want him dead?

    Think about it. He came looking for death in India, should we gift wrap it to him?

    Also if possible read the story I wrote on this, if you wish to and let me know your thoughts on it.

    P.s. :)

  2. So what should we do, feed such people in our prisons with our money?? Sorry Can't buy that argument. This will only make people think that lets do such crimes and get caught, then our lives will be taken care by our judiciary and tax money of the people of India. In our country the judicial process is so long and tiring, it took 5 years to pass sentence on the person who killed Indira Gandhi, so god knows how long it is going to take for Kasab. Passing Strong and quick sentences only sends the message that we will not tolerate such nonsense and people messing with us will be dealt severely. We have been behind Pakistan for 2 years, whats been the output other than taking us for a ride every time...For me it is taking Severe and quick action...

  3. hey i get your point... but still i believe we have always been taken for granted.
    you say some people were simply 'fed' emotions against us and that's y they did so... we have genuine reason to hate them.

    a kid is punished when he does something wrong so that he and other kids don't do wrong things again... if for nothing then at least for the fear of being punished. but here, if we just stop punishing the guilty, why will anyone think twice before committing ant crime / misdeed?


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