If there were 2 Sundays a week!

Every Monday, every person is on the same page, “Sunday got over too fast!” A 2-day weekend (that some of us ‘enjoy’) is seldom sufficient. And we get into this regular Monday day dreaming mode… If only there were no Mondays, if only there were 2 Sundays…

They say everything happens for the best. I wondered what could be ‘best’ about having just one Sunday a week. So, I decided to evaluate the pros and cons of having 2 Sundays a week… aah a 4-day working week! And here are my findings on having an extra Sunday every week:

1. YIPPEE! More hours of sleep. OOPS! More weight gain.
2. YIPPEE! More time with better half. OOPS! More effort convincing the ‘better half’ to accompany us shopping, dining, movies, etc.
3. YIPPEE! More shopping at malls. OOPS! Being in crowd, traffic and noise one more day. More expenses.
4. YIPPEE! More dining out. OOPS! More waiting during crowded weekends, more expenses. More weight gain.
5. YIPPEE! More time at home. OOPS! More cooking, cleaning and getting frustrated when the house-help bunks on Sunday… I mean Sundays!
6. YIPPEE! More bank holidays. OOPS! Having just 4.5 days to do the entire bank related work.
7. YIPPEE! A longer weekend. OOPS! Wondering we work so much – more than half a week. Wishing if there were 3 Sundays a week!

Conclusion: It’s all for the best. One Sunday a week is good. There’s no harm day dreaming of an extra Sunday though ;)

1 comment:

  1. hehe.. Very nice... Specially the weight gain part.. :P

    Yes we wud have wished for one more sunday.. Human Mind.. Always craves for more and more and somemore :P



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