7 Cool tips to save water on a regular basis

  1. Don’t bathe on weekends when you intend to stay at home. The stink will keep uninvited guests away.
  2. Don’t wash your hair regularly, try braids or buns. Or go for a taklu (bald) avatar… you’d save lot of water, shampoo, conditioner, time and money.
  3. When thirsty, opt for alcohol (neat).
  4. Cook non-spicy food. Avoid drinking extra water in the name of chillies.
  5. Don’t eat / drink more than you need to survive. This way, you won’t have to visit the washroom frequently and you’ll save the water in the flush.
  6. Don’t mop the floors daily. Opt for a jungle look for your house.
  7. Repeat the same jeans for a week or two before washing. Trust me, no one can make out. Dump it in the washing machine only after you notice people holding their nose when you approach them.
On a serious note, c'mon we all know how to save water. It's time we act! 


    1. Anuradha, those were indeed some cool tips :P

      but yeah, it's high time we act now..

    2. OMG! what was that? :P
      time to act i know but can be difficult in a way...

    3. When thirsty, opt for alcohol (neat).

      Dis was d best tip i ever heard...:P


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