Moon Smile, I Smile, You Smile – And we live happily ever after!

Last evening, Venus, Jupiter and Moon came together in a magical alignment to create a smiling moon on the sky. The moon smiled as we travelled home from work together for the first time after marriage last evening. It couldn’t have been more romantic!

Mrinal was waiting for me at Vashi station. It was my first day at work after marriage and my first ever journey on the central and harbor lines. I, after a long journey (Parel to Kurla, Kurla to Vashi), met him at Vashi and we instantly boarded a Thane-bound train. As we stood near the footboard and the train started moving, I noticed the smiling moon (2 stars and a 3-day old crescent moon) on the sky. I showed it to Mrinal who told me that he too noticed the moon’s smile at that very moment and was about to show it to me. Wow! It was so romantic, so very perfect. As if we were living a fairy tale – they got married, travelled home together gazing at the smiling moon and lived happily ever after!

I felt no more exhausted given that I travelled by all the lines of Mumbai local that day – western central and harbour! It was, as Mrinal said, like the moon saw us travelling home together and smiled. So sweet!

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