Will miss my friends, cousins on wedding

I dedicate this post to my friends Ranjeeta and Kalpana [who are abroad] and my cousins Aarti Didi and Ekta Bhabhi who won't be here to be a part of my wedding preparations and celebrations.

No words can express how much I miss their presence. They all too want to be here. But then, sometimes some things aren't possible. Am so glad that even when they can't make it, they are a part of the preparations as they call me up regularly and we discuss the smallest of things.

Kalpana is coming to Mumbai after a month only to meet me during one of her trips to India as she can't attend the wedding. Ranjeeta is giving me all the tips and ensuring she stays in touch regularly and has just sent a bundle of gifts to pep me up. Aarti Didi and Ekta Bhabhi are calling up frequently, discussing all the shopping, giving all the suggestions and we talk as if we are sitting together in their house in Delhi.

I must be really lucky to have friends and cousins who care so much that distance doesn't matter.

Will miss you Ranjeeta, Kalpana, Aarti Didi and Ekta Bhabhi, but am so glad you all are around even when you are away. Love you all.


  1. Well they will be there in spirit for sure :)

  2. It was really nice and toching . sob sob i am feeling bad abt not being there


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