How to outsmart a hard-selling shopkeeper

Mrinal will agree that I am like Kareena's character in the movie Jab We Met, especially when it comes to the statement, "Main apni favourite hoon" [I am my favourite person]. He he... I don't want to be modest, I do love myself as much as I love him, ok, lesser than I love him ;]

Last evening when I was on my trousseau shopping spree, I managed to outsmart the shopkeeper who was capable enough to sell a comb to a bald man. And I love the statement I made.

So we [reminds me of Deepali, the "So" copyright owner] went to this well known saree store and he showed some 10 bridal sarees. But I wanted the best. After all, my wedding is the biggest event of my life. And then, I had already visited all possible trousseau stores in the city and this was supposed to be my last halt.

I really liked a saree but wanted to check out two other stores nearby before purchasing this one. But this man just wouldn't let us go. Now, all four of us wondered how to leave the place and ensure that if we do return, we are treated with the same importance. Isn't it weird to leave store saying we need to check out stuff in other stores as well and then come back to say, "we think you have better stuff"?

Well, the sweet argument gained momentum as this man said, "If you return in an hour, there's good possibility that this saree would have been sold". Oh yeah... the saree might have takers, but within one hour was just too much overconfidence. He was correct about the saree having many takers though as just when i draped it and was wondering if I should buy it, two other families showed interest in the same saree. In fact, one family actually walked up to me and said this is the one I must buy as it suits me great.

Anyway, the question was how to escape smartly and return, if required, with pride. So I said, if I am destined to wear it, I'll get it if I return. Then the shopkeeper said that one should not look for so many options as it will only confuse and you might lose out on the best. What crap! I told him, "Don't we girls meet a few potential bridegrooms before we finalise one? Then why not check out a few sarees to select the best! What do you think?" He he, he was speechless. He could only agree and say, "Ya even that makes sense". I am so happy about that statement, which I have decided now to use everytime I come across such situation.

So we did move out. We did check out a couple of stores. And we did return to buy the same saree. And yes, we were greeted with the same honour we received at our first visit. The shopkeepers were more friendly this once. They allowed me to take some snaps of the saree and even kept on insisting that we have some soft drinks.

Now I wait for the day I'll go and collect one of my most treasured possession for life - my trousseau! Hope I look great on my big day.


  1. Why am i not surprised by reading the comment you made to the shopkeeper...

    After all those months sitting next to you for 8 hours a day at work, 10-12 hours sometimes, i know that you are one person who has mastered the art of "playing with words"

    Oh my God, i still cannot forget your killer one-liners at work... You are blessed with talent

    I pity poor guy Mrinal, God will make him strong i know

  2. thank you... thank you... thank you...

    and abt Mrinal, well he can outsmart me any day, he is much smarter with words. God knew who could bear my one-liners and hence sent Mrinal to me ;)

  3. Oh its great that you finally got the sari for you wedding :)

    Most major bridal shopping task is done :D

    Lol I still say 'so' a lot - thanks for the mention.

  4. so... u r rite deepali, major part of shopping done :] shaanti milee :]

  5. Give the opposite of modesty?
    No guesses after reading this blog.


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