Patience does help

Almost two years of wait. Lot of hope. Lot of frustration at times. No doubt about the self-assurance that one day things will work out, but obviously some fear. He kept saying time will help. I believed him every time he said so. But then, I am not that patient a person [alright, if you take the word 'patient' literally, the case is different]. I waited and hoped for the best. We did work towards it, but slowly, one step at a time.

And suddenly, everything seems to fall in place. The two years disappeared in a mist as if there had been no problem. It's a new day today, a new life to begin. Everything appears so magical, so beautiful. And you know what makes it all the more beautiful? The way all my friends feel happy for me, straight from the heart, making it all much more special for me.

I would have never believed, but now I'm sure that patience, I mean lot of patience, as long as two years of wait, does help.

As Lord Krishna said, "Karm kiye ja, phal ki chinta mat kar", meaning perform your duties well, don't worry about the fruits.

A piece of advice - Love is beautiful, true love is magical, at times it does take time for the beginning of 'happily ever after', but then, it's worth the wait.

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