Rumours making us a celebrity

Case 1: Last week

A good friend of mine called me up and told me that she was surprised to discover that me and Mrinal got engaged, our marriage date got fixed and we didn't even inform her.

Case 2: Last weekend

One of Mrinal's friends called him up to confirm if we are getting married on 18th November.

Case 3: Yesterday

One of my friends happened to call me up and mentioned that she wasn't aware that me and Mrinal got engaged.

Of course, they all were really happy for us and it felt so good to receive marriage related calls already, and I wish that all of the above becomes a reality soon. However, the fact is that neither our marriage date is finalised, nor we have had any engagement ceromony. Yes, as we aren't going to have any engagement ceremony at all, you may assume that we are engaged. About marriage, of course, we'll announce it as and when it is finalised.

Oh, the celebrity status and the rumours! He he he.


  1. Well then I will save my congratulations for later hehe.

    Keep us posted.

  2. Thaks for visited my blog! I'll stay tuned with yours!

  3. sure Amelie, thanks for visiting my blog too.

  4. Well WELLL WELLLL this is definetly news to me.... Congratulations to u and mrinal. i m sure u forgot to inform me of the good news...
    my good wishes with u

  5. when people get married its always interesting to know the gossip...and if all wants to know so much about you then i am sure you will be glad..


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