It's a new life!

It’s that time of life when everything is new or appears to be so, everything looks beautiful and I see goodness in everything around me!

Is it the special four-letter word in my life now or my new job? Well, who cares! All I know is I am content now, in fact quite happy! And while you are reading this, please touch wood.

The word ‘committed’ has transformed from ‘just another word in the dictionary’ to ‘The Word’ in my life. I never realised the depth of its meaning until I used it as an adjective for myself. It may sound filmy but yeah flowers do seem more beautiful than ever, red is the colour that catches my attention, I indulge in shopping more than ever, I take more care of myself, I have contacted long lost friends recently, I love the moon, the stars, the sunrise, the weather … I hardly miss noticing love birds around, I have a more positive outlook towards life and I love to tell the world that I am in love with the sweetest person in the world!

About my new workplace, well I was a bit apprehensive when I made a shift from mainstream advertising. The idea of ‘no more ads’ made me skip a heartbeat at times. But, until now, the work seems to be pretty interesting here. I am learning a lot and have made new friends here. Also, my recent campaign (from my previous workplace) got released and I can see my hoarding everyday while commuting. Can’t explain the feeling in words!

Another new thing in my life is that I have become a Maasi again! Congratulations Varsha and Kishore, am so happy for both of you.

I hope life remains good for ever. I will try my best to keep it so. Trust me, life’s really good, it’s just that we see the not-so-good things more often.

And yes, “Smile and the world smiles with you” – this is really true!


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  3. Only one word comes to my mind as i read this... WOWWW!!!
    The title could not have been more aptly selected. Indeed THE four letter word brings such a wonderful feeling and and gives meaning to ones life, so true. And yes, these beautiful changes are made permanent when you are committed (n like i promised, im actually sitting on wood as i write this).
    I wish from the bottom of my heart that this feeling remains for ever because I know how many barriers YOU (now i dont need to refer to you two independently )hav crossed to get here and how many more you still have to cross. And yes, wish you the very best in your new job.

  4. Yes, the four letter word indeed seems to have bestowed a magical touch to your life. I'm glad it has finally happened and in a way that you always wanted. So while you are crossing many paths together, here's wishing you both all the best. I'm happy to hear that you have settled in the new environment easily and DM is another place to prove your creativity. Keep up the good show, and keep winning whereever you go!

  5. Annu,

    I did touch wood :). Happy for you.



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