Men are from mars? Women are from venus? People are from earth!

So many of them, here, there, everywhere. Men say they don’t understand women. Women try hard to understand men. In this gender conflict, we fail to realise that it’s not about men or women; all in all, it’s tough to understand people. If someone tried to understand completely each one of us, or even a few of us, take my word the person will go berserk.

Sweet as some appear to be can be really ruthless. Those who you find unapproachable can be great fun after some time. I tried to figure out at least the basic categories as I mention below.

A. I know a guy who appeared to be quite unapproachable. He used to be terribly unorganised. His huge build, tall frame and ‘oh-I-am-so-cool’ look made me feel – God, will I actually interact with this man? Today, he’s one of my closest friends and my rakhi brother too! I know I can confide in him and he’s my guide and role model in certain circumstances that life throws upon me. He’s one of the sweetest people I know (yes Jitesh it’s you!).

B. And then, there are those ‘always-a-smile-on-the-face’ people. These are the ones you meet and feel ‘oh-so-nice-of-them’. But as the hourglass continues its work, these people come out of their camouflage of goodness. They become memories that make you wary of trusting people and their appearances.

C. But then, real people too exist, those who are as good or bad (alright it’s a relative term) as they appear to be. Thankfully, these people by their sheer existence and sweet / harsh deeds make our existence meaningful and interesting.

I see it this way: men are the way they are, and so are women. Count men and women together and you’ll see different individuals. Hold on to those who fall in the A and C categories. And the left out category, well don’t you have a delete contact in your cell phone? Simply erase them from your memory and you’ll have more space for better people!

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