Guess who collects money while my advertising speaks!

It’s nice to work on ads. But it’s definitely nice to see your work being displayed, I mean the good work ;), the kind you can boast about.

SIA Art Jeweller: Launch ad created by yours truly
You see it in newspapers, magazines, websites, direct mailers, leaflets, kiosks, posters, standees, banners, hoardings and television (not yet for me though L), and you love to hear it on the radio! All this while your client makes a great deal of money and while you get your monthly cheque that almost appears like a big zero after the taxing tax and all the possible deductions!

But guess who else did I see collect money in one of my works. One fine day, I was in a hurry, as usual, to reach office. My rickshaw stopped and I could see the regular beggars trying their ‘selling’ skills. Among them was a tiny tot, a 3-year old girl clad in a ‘must-have-been-pretty’ frock, who was looking into a polythene bag and checking how much coins has she earned yet.

The bag was the one we designed for one of our good clients. While it clearly advertised the logo and the positioning line created by us and did the sufficient ‘visibility’ magic for the client, it sure did some magic for the girl who could ‘make’ some money in it. For once, I felt somehow, somewhere, something that I worked on is remotely (very remotely) of good ‘monetary’ use to someone.


  1. Wow. I never looked at paper bags from this point of view. Interesting:)

    1. Thank you Dessa... Oh how I missed reverting on your comment!

  2. Hi Annu,

    This is Kamaal Mustafa from Bombay, graphic designer working for print media. Was nice to read your thoughts. Atleast you could see your creation being used for collecting money, better than to see it with the "chanawalas" :))

    Do check my blog at, am new to blogs though.


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