What's with the football?

I never understood one thing about football (apart from the rules of the game). How can people watch some 22 players kicking a football for it to eventually enter some rectangular net? And all this for over a good (boring) 90 minutes. Okay, I can understand about the players, they are busy defending / hitting the football, and so they do not get bored. But the spectators… where do they get all the patience from. I always feel like a patient if I watch the game for over 5 minutes.

I mean cricket is fine, someone is scoring a run or taking a wicket or getting caught or whatever, almost at every ball (that too I find bearable for a one-day match, test matches are still unbearable for me). But soccer!!!

But things changed a bit recently. Thanks to my being in advertising. Got a brief for an ad that had to do stuff related to soccer. Now what… soccer-ignorant Annu had to do some basic research to understand the basic fundas! So I went to the FIFA site. Edgar, Ravi and Chintu, like some football experts, explained me the basics. I discovered some unknown-to-me facts. Like the yellow, red and green cards. Like the historical goals. Like there are millions of soccer-crazy people. Like 36 countries are participating in the World Cup and people are trying really hard to get a hotel booking. Man… people do have great deal of patience.

And now, I am getting impatient to watch a match or two and see if I can be more patient in life. Who knows tomorrow I will become a soccer fan too, who knows I won’t. In any case, advertising helped me learn something new, once again.


  1. i feel cricket is even more boring

  2. here the advantage is the result is out in 90 min compared to Cricket.

    secondly it is some thing different then cricket
    and thirdly it is different then Hockey and TT


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