Duplicity - Chapter 18

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       Tara went through some of Cyrus' blog posts again and paid attention to what his readers had to say. She was not surprised to see that the comments on his posts were very strong. 

      While the readers loved his writing style, they objected his views on how the criminals could have gotten away with their wrongdoings. Many condemned him for writing from the perspective of saving criminals. The comment threads were long with some writing swear words while others warning him that they would report his blog. Yet, Cyrus had not replied on any comment. 

      Tara wondered if he even read the comments. Her doubts about Cyrus resurfaced. He sure wasn't what he appeared to be. But then, he had always managed to prove her wrong. She thought about those disturbing photos she had found in his backpack. He had convinced her that he was helping Jennifer to find Maya's murderer. She remembered how he had called up Jennifer as soon as they had confronted him and proved he was not hiding anything. 

     "Was all this a big lie? Is Jennifer involved with Cyrus in some criminal activity?" Tara thought to herself.

     "No, how is that possible? In that case, Jennifer wouldn't have shared his blog with her," Tara shrugged off her doubts about Jennifer as she continued to read the comments on the blog.

      She was shocked to see that a particular reader was actually sharing his ideas on the "getting away with crime" parts in the posts. 

      ArAh2506: Man, you have some killer instincts! I think your idea of washing the knife very carefully before throwing it away in an abandoned house far from the crime scene was good. But don't mind, I think he should not have washed it in her house. The forensic guys are very smart these days. They can find evidence even from the minutest blood stain under a tap.
      She wondered what was wrong with the world. She had got used to watching crime shows on television ever since Cyrus started staying with them. Often, when she returned home late, Cyrus would insist she let him watch the end of a show he had been watching for a while. She would agree and join him while having her dinner. 

      All this while, she had been thinking that perhaps Cyrus watched those shows to understand criminal minds so that he could help Jennifer find Maya's murderer. But this blog, Eunomia's Quill, made it clear that Cyrus' interest in television crime shows was for all the wrong reasons. It also made her realise there were more people like him, Arah for instance.

      Arah was the only person Cyrus had replied to:

      Cyrus: Arah, nice to know someone agrees with me. Thank you for commenting. You are right, they are getting smarter by the day. Maybe, he should have wrapped it perfectly, carried it with him carefully and washed it at another location, before discarding it in the abandoned house. Yes, how would they have caught him then!!! I would like to know your opinion on my ideas on other posts as well.

      Arah had replied the same day: 

      ArAh2506: Thanks buddy. I am actually reading your next post. I wonder how I missed your blog all these months. I have another idea about taking care of that knife, I can share if you are open to discussion.

      A series of discussion followed and Tara found herself reading the all the comments on that thread and on other posts as well. Cyrus had found a friend in Arah. they discussed every post he wrote and shared their ideas on how the murderer could have gotten away with the crime.

      Something felt familiar but she could not figure out what. She proceeded to the other posts only to discover that Arah and Cyrus were becoming friends and were a dangerous duo. 

      ArAh2506: Awesome post again. I totally agree with your inputs on this one. I think I have just the right opportunity for someone like you. Would you like me to mail you my contact details?

      Cyrus: Of course, you can find my email ID in the About me section here. But I guess, you must have noted it already!

       Tara found their bonding very weird and dangerous. She had this strange feeling that she knew Arah, but she had never heard that name before. It was bothering her a lot. She continued reading the shocking comments in other posts.

      What shocked her most was a certain comment on a post dated 8th April, 2014:

     ArAh2506: Of course, that stupid murderer should have planned things well in advance. He should definitely have befriended the girl's friends, parents and even neighbours much before killing her. Especially the kids in the house. People tend to trust people who are good with kids. What was the hurry? He should have been very sweet to the girl in presence of everyone else. Had they not doubted his behaviour earlier, they wouldn't have doubted him after the murder.  

      That's when it struck her! 

      Tara finally figured out why she felt that she knew who Arah was as she decoded his profile name.

      2506 meant 25th June, her mom's birthday. And someone she knew quite well, or so she thought, shared her mom's birthday.

      ARyan AHuja, ArAh! 

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  1. You are a terrific writer, Anuradha! Simply enjoyed reading this chapter...

  2. Hi Anuradha, Seriously i enjoyed the whole series of Duplicity..eagerly waiting for next chapter.


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