Jab main chhoti bacchi thi...

Jab main chhoti bacchi thi
Kahaan sharaarat karti thi ;)

Chidiya awaaz lagaati thi
Aur main jaag jaati thi

Dada ke saath ped se girey
Phulon ko uthaati thi

Cycle girney waali ho toh
Baahar uchhal jaati thi

Cricket, kabaddi, kho kho khoob
Khel ke itraati thi

Chupa-chupi kheltey samay
Moondair phalaang jaati thi

Meri chori pakdi jaati
Jab Mummy deti awaaz

Ab main nahi boodhi hoon ;)
par bahut hi busy hoon

Subah chidiya kahaan hai ab
Alarm se jaag jaati hoon

Ped paudhhey kahaan hain ab
Ghar par hi phool ugaati hoon

Walking-jogging ke liye ab
Waqt aur jagah nahi paati hoon

iPod, iPad, Nintendo par hi ab
Games khel paati hoon

Bachpan ki yaad aayi toh ab 
Photos mein kho jaati hoon

Kyunki aaj bhi mann ke andar
Un lamhon ka hai ehsaas

This is my entry for the The Kissan 100% Real Blogger Contest presented by IndiBlogger. Just a small account of the 100% real experiences during my childhood and the busy, crowded life today. 


  1. so so beautiful I was actually singing it along like that bajaj ad. Loved it and so apt...

    Glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and a regular visitor now.

  2. Hey Kajal, thank you so much :)
    Following you back, c ya around!

  3. this exhibits innocence to me.And for some reason I found it cute and the first poem which I am reading for this particular contest. This is a beautiful bit and I would like to tell you that this is one of the best one I have read till now..Good luck for the contest.God Bless you.Following!

  4. so cute....I loved it...all the best for the contest

  5. Superb... Award winning... All d best :)

  6. Hey Solitary Writer, thanks so much for such beautiful words :)
    Following you back!

  7. good one...lovely poem...
    all the best for the contest... :)

  8. Interesting poem... makes one smile and read it again.

  9. Thank you Cynosure and Arvind!

  10. Very cute poem...All the best for the contest..:-)nice blog..:-)


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