iThank iYou iFor iPad

I can't take my "I"s off the iPad (that's when it is plugged for charging or I am in sleep mode). Else, I can't take my hands off the wonderful creation!
I was thinking about buying an iPad 2 for quite some time. But as I waited for the price to come down, IndiBlogger and Dove surprised me by announcing the second prize (iPad 2) for the The Hair and the Tortoise post. For the first time in my life I was happier about the prize rather than the winning part!

I thank IndiBlogger, Dove and all my blog readers straight from my heart. I also thank the Apple team for inventing this beauty. And I wish they take some time off and do not introduce iPad 3 soon... hehe.

Meanwhile, there are some people because of whom I am an active blogger. I have never thanked them in person, so I would like to talk about them here.

Mrinal, my sweet husband: He has always encouraged me as I spend hours blogging. If he learns any update about Mumbai Local Trains, he immediately informs me so that I can update the blog. And if it weren't for him praising my cooking, I wouldn't have been interested in kitchen stuff and the recipe blog that much. Had he not gifted me Nikon D3100, how would I have shaped up the photoblog! Oh yes, and if he weren't in advertising that makes him reach home mostly after midnight, how would I have got all the time to kill! That's the reason I 'gifted' the iPad 2 to him (now that he reaches home too late to use and so I have it all the time, is a different story!).
Deepak Amembal: I can't thank him enough! I am glad I once stumbled upon his blog and discovered his photographs and the various memes he participated in. These encourage me to keep updating the blog with new photos. He always comments on my posts!

SurangaDate of the Ugich Konitari fame: Her take on life and beautiful poems add life to the work of many photographers. How I look forward to her poetry whenever I post a photograph! Her blog Gappa is a lovely read too!
Siddhesh Raavan Kabe: Have you checked out Sidoscope? A wonderful blog to read that also leads us to Holy Cow, his comic blog that is simply hilarious!
And IndiBlogger of course. When I visit the site and see so many people submitting fresh blog posts, I get motivated to keep my blogs updated as well.

Anyways, it's been a 'long' time since I've been writing this post and I've been away from my iPad. Must go back to it now!
Thanks guys! Oh... now a Kissan contest... cooooooooooooool!


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