The Hair and the Tortoise

Windy Weather! Should have used a scarf!
It took me several years to slowly and steadily realise the importance of good hair and hair care. 

As a kid, I used to have really nice, long and full hair. The only time I had No Hair during my childhood was when I had to become taklu for the mundan ceremony. The rest of the days included proper oiling (thanks to my mother and grandmother), use of Shikakai (since shampoos weren't that popular back then) and lovely hair styles courtesy my mother. What did they call it? Oh yes, Sadar Choti!

I grew from the flowerpot style pony to the lots-of-colourful-clips/bands style to the French bun to the multiple braids and what not! Hair fall was a term I did not understand. Of course, I must admit that while in school I  did have the lice trouble a couple of times but it was taken care of soon with a specific solution meant for the purpose. Dandruff? I learnt what it was only much after I started working.

I remember a Wow Moment! One fine day, two girls from my building came over to my place to seek my mother's permission for something - they wanted me to accompany them as they had joined a hairdressing class. Nah, they did not want me to join them in the training, they wanted me to be their model!!! For as per them, I had the best hair to help them try several styles! Since I was okay with it (actually overjoyed), my mother allowed me to go with them. Ah the praises I got from the girls there! I was flying in the air and I was just in my early teens!

Now, as I reflect back, I think I started taking my hair too casually. Then came college life which I thought was busy. Then came work life which made me think college life was easier. And then came married life which made me think... sorry, which left me with little time to even think ;)

After experiencing dandruff a couple of times and hairfall that is strangely more during rainfall, I decided to get serious about my hair. That one wow moment of my teenage years made me remember how really good my hair used to be. And what have I done (or not done) with it with years of busy life and stress.

Would you rather use a wig?
Now, like some New Year resolutions, I was not quite able to keep the self-promise to take good care of my hair. The better days were when there were some functions, meets, festivals, interviews, my marriage preparations, parties, etc. The rest 300+ days, my hair care regime took rest!

Now with my bad health and strong medications since over an year now, I know my hair's losing its sheen faster. And I have seriously started taking care of it for two reasons:
  1. I know when I take good care of my hair, they make me look good. And I feel happier which is good for my health.
  2. If I won't, who will?
There are several rules I follow to ensure I treat my hair well. Following is the list of 12 little things you too must do to take care of hair (I suggest you try these too and don't delay / go as slowly as the tortoise):
  1. Oil your hair. It can be boring but it does help.
  2. Treat yourself to a hair spa once in a while. Your hair deserves it. After all, it adds meaning to your face!
  3. Shampoo at least 2 times a week. Use a good shampoo followed by a good conditioner.
  4. Apply the right kind and amount of serum. You can use it daily too, but choose a good brand.
  5. Intense damage treatment hair mask (I have tried Dove) is a bliss! 
  6. Use a scarf / dupatta while travelling in open air / when you have to be in the Sun for long. Use an umbrella to keep your head and hair cool when the heat is scorching.
  7. Do not use too much of hair spray. Avoid it as much as possible. It ruined my hair on my wedding day!
  8. Avoid using too many chemicals (especially alcohol based) on your hair. You are not a chemistry lab platform, are you?
  9. If your are planning to take a dip in the pool, wet your hair first. 
  10. Do not use hair dryer frequently, towel / natural drying is the best. If you have to use, go for the cool mode.
  11. Eat healthy. Yes, good food nourishes hair too! Fruits, green veggies, cucumbers, onions... Google it and you'll be surprised!
  12. Sleep well.
I am sure, you too have your set of tips to enhance those tresses. Do feel free to add to the list and let's all flaunt gorgeous hair.
Rules can be boring, but more often then not, they are meant for something good.
So, baal ki khaal mat nikalo, baal ka khayaal rakho aur baal baal bacho! 
Love is a two-way street: Love your hair and it will love you back!

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