Colours of Nine Days of Navrati

Ever got out of your house during Navrati festival and noticed most of the people are wearing the same colour? Well, it's a custom or rather a trend to wear clothes of a particular colour on a particular day of Navrati, especially in Maharashtra and Gujarat.

Now, the nine colours are known to represent the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. And a colour is fixed in advance for each day of the festival.

The Colours of Nine Days of Navrati 2011 are as follows:
Colour for Pratipada on September 28: Blue 
Colour for Dvitiya & Tritiya on September 29: Yellow
Colour for
Chaturthi on September 30: Green
Colour for Panchami on October 1: Grey
Colour for Shashti on October 2: Orange
Colour for Saptami on October 3: White
Colour for Asthami on October 4: Red
Colour for Navami on October 5: Purple
Colour for Vijayadashami on October 6: Pink

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