Hamaare Pass World Cup Hai!!!

India has finally won the World Cup after 28 years! It's 2nd of April 2011 and I wish to write a similar post after 4 years as well :)

Woh phaataakon ki awaaz, woh family aur friends ke phone calls, woh fb aur twitter pe hazaaron wishes ... it's Diwali in April!!!
No words can describe our joy... the tears that came rolling down as Dhoni hit the winning six said it all. The phone calls that did not stop after then, the fleet of bikers that took over the Navi Mumbai roads screaming "India Jeet Gaya, India Jeet Gaya...", the fireworks... said it all.
I have just one thing to say to those who kept saying that tha match is fixed... justify the emotions of the team!
We should be proud of Dhoni who performed so well today... the pressure is really high for the captain of the team who plays the finals in home town. Of Yuvraj for winning the man of the tournament!
Congratulations to the entire Indian cricket team!


  1. A proud moment indeed.

    The champion display by the entire team has sent the entire nation into a state of happiness!!

    Catch my thoughts at

    India Wins Cricket World Cup 2011

  2. U said it, Anuradha..a fitting final 2 the cup dat matters...n the captain finally played. And how!!!

    Sad tht Sachin cudnt gt his 100th 100 but Team India just proved their mettle 2 emerge as the best team in da world...

    Sumhw, whn Sachin gt out, India's morale went down but Gambhir restored tht confidence..

    n 3 cheers 2 the crown prince fr being the deserving Man of the tournament !!

    Indian bowling fielding hs definitely shown visible improvement over the last 3 games.. Hats off 2 Zaheer n the othr bowlers

    Team India RocKKed!!!

    And of course, Hamare Paas Poonam Pandey Bhi Hai!!!:P

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