4 din ka andhera, phir chandni raat hai!

Spondyloarthropathy is trying its best to pull me down. But the final combat begins tomorrow.

The doctor has been advising me to have a spinal traction since a month now. But considering the painful nature of the procedure and the commitments at hand, I've been delaying it. Now that I'm done with the assignments at hand, have attended the Indiblogger meet yesterday and have dined out with my hubby last night, I'm gonna rest in peace... I mean "take some rest" for 4 days or so.

The doc has ensured me that the 4 days of painful traction (read super duper painful) will make rest of my life almost painless. I'm counting on him and am all set to get admitted tomorrow. There are some good and bad things about this hospitalization though:

GOOD: Hopefully, I will recover from the daily excruciating pain and fever that has bothered me for 6 weeks now. Super hopefully, I might be in a position to work full time and have a better pay and buy a house.
BAD: My best friends and I have been discussing about getting admitted on a weekend. You know, so that they can easily drop in (after all I stay really very far from where they are) with fresh flowers and give me all the bhaav! I also suggested that instead of getting fruits, they can get me fruit salad with forks and tissue papers so that I need not wash them with the hospital's tap water... But alas, I'm left with no choice but to get admitted tomorrow. My hubby suggests he can try some "rent friends for a week" thing ;)
GOOD: The hospital doesn't smell like we know how it generally is.
BAD: For some weird reason, they'll be putting me on drip.
GOOD: The doc said I can play games on my Ipod touch. There's a cool TV and fridge in the room. I'm allowed to wear my colourful pajamas and shirts instead of boring hospital uniform. Plus, the hospital is painted in good green and orange colours.
BAD: I'll have to lie down on my back all though it. It's tough for me since I could never sleep on my back.

Anyways, won't be blogging for some time now. So catch you guys after a few days! Need to rush to the parlour to feel better though. 


  1. I will pray God that everything should be OK for you and you are cured of your illness. With your loving husband on your side, I don't think you will have any problem.

    I am talking about USA only here. It is better to get admitted during the weekday and not weekend. Many "specialists" do not work during the weekend. Only 'juniors' are incharge during the weekend.

  2. thanks SG! i had no idea abt this system in US. oops so people have to miss on their work day salaries if they get admitted during the week... damn

  3. Don't employees get paid sick leave? Just curious.

  4. i think we already consume those leaves for fever and such things ;)


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