Aam junta's commonly used English words in daily lingo

How often have you come across these kinds:

Girl 1: Arre, he's so cute you know. He actually picked up the books I dropped. I was so happy yaar you know. And then he smiled... you know... smiled at me... wow!!!

Girl 2: Read more here - A Copywriter's Blog: Most commonly used English words in daily lingo! 


  1. Dont think this happens in real life ,its a too good to be true scenario :-)

  2. It happens in real life also. We use to say 'Na'after every sentance, or usage of 'You Know' is very frequent. It is called Hinglish...Americans does not understand it..

  3. I have a question. What does "Americans" have to do with this post and comments.? Canadians and British and Australians understand it? Whatever the "it" means.


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