Are you a cruel husband?

Husbands beware! Coming home late regularly without informing wife is cruelty, says the High Court.

In the current scenario, late working hours are a reality. Let me correct myself ‘regular late working hours’ are a reality. However, coming home late without keeping the family members informed is unfair. And trust me, the High Court (by High Court, I also mean the lady of the house who is often termed as the ‘high court’) is very serious about this!

"Such type of conduct on the part of the husband amounts to cruelty to the wife," observed a division Bench comprising Justice P.B. Majmudar and Justice R.V. More. The high court added that the husband should at least inform the wife on telephone. Read more here.

Wondering why no one’s talking about women coming home late without informing their husbands? Well, you really think it’s possible that women would ever miss an opportunity to call up their husbands and inform them about blah blah…?


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