A Mannat For Shahrukh

I had heard about people being die-hard fans of some celebrities and I always wondered how can some people cross limits for just one glance of their idol!

But on Friday, when Shahrukh Khan celebrated his birthday, I somehow didn't find such fan-following as wierd as I always did. We partied hard that evening at office (oh but that has to do nothing with SRK's big day) and just when I was tired like hell, my dear friend Vijeeth said that he'll be going to see Shahrukh at Mannat (the star's bungalow at Bandra). Damn, the guy worked hard that day, partied even harder and after sweating out all his calories, he was keen to travel just to get a glimpse of his favourite star! Then, I heard about a friend's friend who had already taken the star's 'darshan' and he was really proud of it!

For once, I could understand how one crazy fan could feel. I mean I still find it a bit strange, but then it's nice to look up to and have that kinda respect for someone nice.

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