Never stayed at one, wrote for many. Are luxury hotels calling me?

It all started at Focus Communication, one of my favourite workplaces. I got to handle my first luxury hotel account – Grand Hyatt Mumbai. A big fat book of brand guidelines handed over to me on my first day was determined to test my patience and skills. In no time, I started with a headline for a small direct mailer (or was it an invite?).

From there started my era of writing for the best of the hotels! Hyatt Regency, Park Hyatt Goa, Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces, InterContinental Eros, Crowne Plaza, Sahara Star… Wow!!! Before I realised I developed a flair and love for writing for hotels – campaigns, ads, newsletters, mailers, invites, compendiums, brochures, radio spots… you name it. When everyone around felt that I must be getting saturated with hotel writing, I actually was falling in love with it all the more. What can be more beautiful than branding a few exotic restaurants / lounges and after a few years walking into one and telling your family / friends that you have named this restaurant / lounge!

After 2 years of this beautiful aura, came the day when I quit Focus. But obviously, I was feeling upset of the fact that I won’t be writing for these luxury hotels anymore.

Soon I joined Pinstorm. Good people around, nearby location and Maggi already had brought enough smiles on my face, and I was in fro a surprise. I got the Swissôtel Sydney Account! And that’s not all, soon followed Swissôtel Moscow and Singapore as well!

Can’t express my joy, but one thing’s sure… now my dream of writing for hotels (of course, other categories too as I am missing my DIAGEO and jewellery writing as well) has extended to having a stay there as well!

My lady luck, are you reading?

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